What Is Cryptotab.com – Can You Really Earn Money?


Welcome to my review of Cryptotab.  This review will ultimately answer two questions; what is cryptob.com and can you REALLY earn money using the program?

I will let you know up front, that I personally use Cryptotab and have been doing so for about six weeks.  This review will be from my personal experience and I will give you the facts as I know them.

I do not know what your ultimate decision will be regarding Cryptotab, but I will tell you this; you have nothing to lose by downloading and trying.  Why?  Because it is absolutely FREE.  It costs you nothing to install and you will begin to immediately earn small amounts of Bitcoin.

However, my objective is to deliver to you the Pros and Cons of Cryptotab so you can make an informed decision.

The Basics – A 10,000 Foot View of Cryptocurrency

If you are reviewing this post, you probably have some idea of what cryptocurrency is.  However, this particualar article is written with the assumption you are new to the cryptocurrency world and just had a friend tell you of a website that allows you to collect Bitcoin.

I will keep this very simple.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency (crypto) is essentially a digital asset or digital money.  Unlike holding a coin in your hand that you can see and touch, a digital asset only exists on the internet.  It is not backed by a tangible substance such as gold.  Many people have a problem dealing with this concept.

If you can’t wrap your mind around that, then crypto is not for you! But if you are ready to explore a new frontier, then read on.

Just as you can buy and sell stocks, the same is true of a crypto. There are currently over 18,000 markets (Binance, Bittrex, KuCoin) that trade various cryptocurrencies.

It is traded by the use of cryptography, which acts as a “middle man” to solve complex and complicated codes to securely exchange and verify important financial transactions. These transactions occur though a network of computers, not associated with one single entity (individual or group).

There are currently over 2,200 different cryptocurrencies to trade and mine.

What is Mining?

In World War II, each nation sent secret codes to their agents.  These codes were meaningless unless the proper document or item was used to interpret the code. Nations spent vast amount of resources to “break the code” of another nation.

With crypto, specialized computer hardware is needed to solve complicated mathematical problems with cryptographic hash functions found in a block.  There are many cryptocurrency miners who are working to “break the code”.

The first miner to do so is rewarded with a small amount of crypto.

In VERY basic terms, that’s what crypto mining is.

As Cryptotab only mines Bitcoin, let’s take a moment to look at Bitcoin.

What Is Bitcoin?

Wikipedia has a thorough explanation of Bitcoin and advises that Bitcoin registered in 2008.  Several months later the first paper was published by Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder/creator, which identified Bitcoin as a peer to peer electronic cash system.  Today, the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is still unknown.

The first real-world transaction to occur with Bitcoin occurred in Florida when two pizza’s were purchased for approximately 10,000 Bitcoin.  At the time of this publishing, Bitcoin is valued at $8535.00 per Bitcoin.  That’s right!  $85 million dollars for two pizzas!

Today, according to Coin Market Cap, the current market cap of Bitcoin is over $152 Billion and dominates over 55% of cryptocurrency trades.  Bitcoin futures can currently be traded at TD Ameritrade and the Nasdaq is said to be begin sponsoring Bitcoin futures in 2019.

There are also many options for investing in an Individual Retirment Account (IRA) using Bitcoin.

There is no doubt that Bitcoin is becoming more recognizable and acceptable.

What Is Cryptotab 

Cryptotab is simply another internet browser that claims to have speeds up to 8x faster than Google Chrome; just with a twist.  If you like and are familiar with Google Chrome, you will be right at home with Cryptotab as it has has the same general appearance and functionality. It can be added as an independent browser or as an extension.

Here is the twist.  If you decide to install Cryptotab, you first need to activate the mining feature by simply moving the slider bar to the right.  (The slider bar is located at the top left of the page.)

When the browser is open, Cryptotab will automatically mine for and start earning Bitcoin. Your personal earnings are updated every few minutes and you will see your earnings in both Bitcoin and in US dollars.  It really is that simple! And in a nutshell, that is the concept behind Cryptotab.

Join Cryptotab and Start Earning Bitcoin TODAY!

However, if the browser is closed you will not earn anything!  So if your computer is set to idle or sleep after a certain time frame, your browser also goes to sleep and no mining occurs.

So if you ultimately decide to use Cryptotab and want to have any hope of earning anything, you need to go to the System Setting on your computer and change the sleep mode to Never.  Without this step, don’t plan on earning much at all.  In my opinion, without setting the sleep mode to Never, it is not even worth installing Cryptotab.

I do not personally use Cryptotab in any manner except to mine Bitcoin.  I use Google Chrome for all my searches.  Why?  Let’s just say I have a skeptical side.

So How Much Money Can You Earn? 

It depends. (Just the answer you were hoping for, right?)

Can you earn REAL money using Cryptotab? Yes.  Can you REALLY earn money using Cryptotab? Not really. 

Let me explain.

There are two paths you can choose with Cryptotab; Individual or Multi-Level.

Yes.  There is a multi-level marketing feature with Cryptotab.  However, I personally have made enough enemies over the years by trying to convince others to be a part of some program or other.  I don’t take the approach of sharing this with friends, family, or co-workers, but I will show you below how I market.

The Individual Approach – Real Example

You can download Cryptotab, turn it on, walk away from your computer and check in once a month to see how much (or how little) you earned.  You will earn small amounts of Bitcoin (as long as your computer is awake).  I downloaded Cryptotab on April 16, 2019 and have had it running 24/7 since.  It has been six weeks and here are my actual earnings.

The left box shows what I have mined individually.  $1.066 is my total earning (US dollars) in six weeks which averages to approximately 17.7 cents per week and a little over 2.5 cents per day.  Look at me raking in the money!

But let me ask you this question.  If you put ZERO MONEY in your bank account or investment account, how much money would you be earning?  That’s right.  ZERO!  Hmmmm.  I guess it is a matter of perspective.

Speaking of perspective, my personal bank currently offers .01% for a savings account.  To earn 2.5 cents per day in interest, the beginning balance would need to be $91,250.00 (US dollars).

If you are concerned about any loss of money, then this individual approach is truly the only option for you.

The Multi-Level Approach – Real Example

This aspect is not for everyone so if the term multi-level makes you vomit, please skip to the next section.

As I mentioned above, I have only personally discussed Cryptotab with two other people and they did not load the browser.  However, the center box (above) shows that I have earned $3.407 (US dollars) from other affiliates.  Combined with my personal mining, the grand total of my earnings is $4.473 (US dollars)!

The second piece of information shown in the center box is my total affiliate count of 1,193.  So how did I get so many affiliates?

The only chance you have of truly promoting your link is if you utilize a link promotion service such as Adf.ly or ClixCoin.in.  This service is where ALL of my affiliates have come from.   I personally use Adf.ly which requires a PayPal account to use as compared to ClixCoin.in which accepts Bitcoin.  In order to earn more, you are going to have to treat this as a business venture and sink money in to advertising your link. When I run a campaign, I will do so for a week or two and spend about $5.00 per day.  You will need to accumulate approximately 10,000 referrals to see your cumulative mining results blossom.  That is going to take time and money to achieve those results.

NOTE: Not everyone who downloads Cryptotab uses the browser. I have had as few as five (5) affiliates mining at one time and as many as eighty (80).

Cryptotab’s Affiliate Program

When you load Cryptotab, you are automatically assigned an affiliate link with many forms of advertisements.  Your link can be shared with others via social media.  If anyone selects the link and downloads the browser, that person is considered your 1st level affiliate.  As the chart on the left shows, Cryptotab pays for all affiliates in your organization up to 10 levels deep.  Approximately 37% is paid out to affiliates.

Is the money really coming from mining?  Supposedly, but no one knows for sure.
So how can accurate percentages be proven?  They can’t.

As your Bitcoin accumulation grows, my recommendation is to transfer your earnings to a desktop wallet or your active trading exchange. You need .00001 Bitcoin or, at todays rate, approximately 8.6 cents before you can made a transfer.  PLUS, there is a transaction fee for EVERY transfer you make, whether into or out of a wallet or exchange.

What is a wallet?

As Bitcoin is a digital currency, it can’t be simply transferred to your bank account.  You will need to transfer any Bitcoin you earn to a central location, similar to cashing a paycheck and putting the cash in your wallet.  Just as an actual paper paycheck is useless to purchase an item with until you deposit the check in the bank, the same is similar for Bitcoin.

Earnings on Cryptotab need to be transferred to a platform to make them useable.  In the simplest terms, a wallet essentially acts as a centralized depository or “storage container” for your digital assets.

If you are using a wallet only (Electrum, Exodus, Copay, Armory) you will still need to transfer Bitcoin to an exchange to trade, buy, or sell.  Think of a cryptocurrency exchange as a stock trading platform like TD Ameritrade, E Trade, or Fidelity,  except it is only for digital assets.

Some wallets have also combined an exchange feature (Coinbase, Circle, Blockchain, Stongcoin).

You have to have a Bitcoin wallet or you WILL NOT be able to transfer your Bitcoin earnings out of Cryptotab!

Who Owns Cryptotab

Quick answer.  No one knows!  Well, someone knows but it is being kept very quiet.

That definitely raises a red flag.

The only contact information for the company are three email addresses: info@cryptobrowser.site,  support@cryptobrowser.site, or contactus@cryptobrowser.site.

Conclusion: Is Cryptotab Legitimate Or A Scam

My truthful answer is, I don’t know.  I’m sure this was not the answer you were looking for.

I personally invest in multiple different cryptos, using different wallets and markets.  A well balanced portfolio you might say.  As Bitcoin becomes more popular and recognized, it is something that must be considered.  And Cryptotab is a good way to be introduced to the concept of crypto in general, and Bitcoin specifically.

To review:


  • FREE
  • Easy to install
  • Has familiarity of Chrome
  • Start earning Bitcoin immediately
  • Payouts are proven
  • Potential for large returns with marketing


  • Computer must always be on to mine
  • Mulit-level marketing (many view as negative)
  • Supposedly earned Bitcoin comes from mining
  • Owner are unknown
  • Limited contact information


Now you can certainly use Cryptotab to earn similar to the return on a savings accout.  But maybe you came across this website looking for ways to earn more money while working comfortably from home.  There is plenty of options available without the multi-level aspect of recruiting.

Whatever you decide regarding Cryptotab, I sincerely hope you found this review helpful.

While it is true that most people fail to make money online, don’t let that discourage you from looking…and from succeeding.  There is plenty of extra income to be made from working online.

If you are looking for a way to earn extra money from the comfort of home and are interested in long term cash flow, you should checkout my #1 personal recommendation.

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  • Wow, great article!  I am very impressed with your knowledge of Cryptotab and Bitcoins.  Where did you learn all of that?

    Also, do you think that setting up a special computer for mining Bitcoin is a good idea?  I am just wondering because I have heard of people doing this but I still don’t understand what you can spend Bitcoins on?

    Thank you!

    • Thanks for the feedback Alisha.  I was introduced to cryptocurrency about two years ago.  I was a complete beginner and found an oline class to get a basic understanding.  Then I dove into it.  A few successes and few failures later, and here I am.  

      I don’t personally have a designated computer system for mining Bitcoin as the expense is not reasonable for an individual (in my opinion.)  But as I mentioned in the article, I do have my Cryptotab browser set up to run 24/7.

      And lastly, some recognized companies who currently accept Bitcoin are; Microsoft (in their XBox store), Overstock, Expedia, and Cheap Air.  And believe it or not, you can purchase items from Amazon with Bitcoin by using Purse.io.

      Hope this helps.  If you have any additional questions, please let me know.



  • Your review of Cryptotab is very good, and I like the way you explain things. I was like a student listening to a professor or a lecturer that explained step by step in a very clear manner the subject matter. I enjoyed it very much.

    Before I finish reading the review, I was convinced. I was about to try it when I was suddenly reminded of some HYIP schemes that I have invested money in the past and lost. The thing that reminded me of those things is, the Cryptotab owners being unknown. 

    So, I’d like to ask you these: 

    1. Have you tried withdrawing your earnings to your Bitcoin wallet?

    2. If the creators of Cryptotab isn’t asking money from you, how are they going to benefit from you since it’s a business? How will they make profits as a business?

    • Thanks for the reply Gomer.  Great questions!  Let me start with the second question as it would be the most pressing on new readers minds.  As I stated in my post, there are some pros and some cons to Cryptotab.  Your second question is one of the cons.  And it is one of the biggest hesitations I had, and still have.  As the owners/developers are unknown, why would they share 37% of their profits if they could keep 100% themselves?  That is why I could not give my full support and left it up to the individual reader to decide.  I’m certainly not going to sugarcoat it. 

      Now, I have made one withdrawal from Cryptotab and the transaction was successful.  That is why I recommended withdrawing funds when an individual has the equivalent to $5.00 (US dollar value) in the account.  That has been and will continue to be my personal practice.

      If someone is just beginning and wants to gain a better understanding of Bitcoin, then Cryptotab is the place to start.  I say that because it has no cost associated at all to load the browser and start.  You slowly accumulate Bitcoin and have fun learning about it in the meantime.  

      Thanks again for the reply and I hope my response helped.



  • Thank you for this post.

    I dabbled in Bitcoin way back.  I even had a USB ASIC miner.  I made a coin or two and then lost interest.  Sadly, I didn’t have the foresight to anticipate its growth or how it would take hold in general.  I’ll need to see if I can recover my wallet, although I’m pretty sure I emptied it.

    I may have to start this back up.  One question…  Is there a Mac version?

    Thanks again,


    • Thanks Scott.  Glad you enjoyed the article.  I wish you well on your wallet recovery.  It is one of the challenges of cryptocurrency, especially if you have been offline for a while.  I keep all of my wallet recoveries in a couple of different and secure  places, as well as making sure they are written in hand as well as the scan codes.  At the time of this response, Bitcoin is getting close to $8900 per coin (US dollars) so getting back in with Cryptotab is certainly a viable and easy option.

      Cryptotab is currenlty available in Windows browser, Android, and IOS.  

      Wishing you great success as you get back in to cryptocurrency.


  • This is completely new to me. I definitely heard about Bitcoin and crypto currency but I did not know that there are affiliate program out there to make money with crypto currency. I think it can be a good opportunity but if I understand you well with crypto tab, I will set up my own mining operation, right? If yes, does it consume a lot of power?

    Thanks for sharing.

    • You are correct in that you could simply download the Cryptotab browser and start mining for Bitcoin immediately.  When you download the browser, you are automatically assigned an affiliate number.  IF you choose to share with others what Cryptotab is, you would simply forward your affiliate link for them to download the browser.

      In regards to power usage, you have two options; only open the browser when you are on the computer.  With this choice you should not notice any difference at all regarding power usage.  However, what I personally do is prevent the computer from sleeping, meaning Cryptotab is operating 24/7.  My screen is not active, just the computer.  There will be some increase in power consumption but for me personally it has not been noticeable.

      I hope this has answered your questions sufficiently.  If not, please submit any additional comments and I will get back in touch with you.


  • Hi There!

    I know next to nothing about cryptocurrency.  However, your article has provided an easy to read run down of bitcoin and crypto tab. It does seem that this type of currency isn’t exactly slowing down. I mean the figures you wrote about are no joke and there is clearly people making some profits out there. 

    I do find it unnerving that the identities behind these types of currencies remain hidden but then again we don’t always know who the big wigs are behind other means of trading.  So what is a person to do?

    Thank you for your article.

    • Thanks for the comment and I am glad you found the article informative.  It was designed for a brief introduction to cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin, and also Cryptotab.  Cryptocurrency has had a reputation for years as a source designed for secrecy, dark web payoffs, and illegal transactions.  The problem is, the same thing can be said for essentially any currency in the world.  But as cryptocurrency grows from an obscure beginning it cannot be denied of its growth in both popularity, ease of use, and acceptance.  It is coming out of the dark into the light of the financial world.  

      And just because the identity of the owners of Cryptotab are unknown, there are literally thousands of differenct cryptocurrencies that have so much available information that it could be overwhelming.  And please remember, Cryptotab IS NOT a cryptocurrency.  It merely provides an option for an individual to mine Bitcoin from their home computer.  Just as your cell phone allows you to speak to individuals anywhere in the world, the phone is not what drives the call, it is merely a tool enabling you to place the call.  

      Cryptotab is a tool to allow you to test the waters of cryptocurrency without jumping in and completely committing.  

      One small step at a time is the best way to learn about any topic.  Wouldn’t you agree?

      Wishing you great success in all you do.


  • Thanks for the review of the Crypto tab platform. This is a new take on the cryptocurrency market segment, and there have been so many launches in this niche that it is hard to keep up with them all. I was asked to determine whether this platform was worth any time or effort, so was glad to find your website and article.

    It seems easy enough to set up and it is free to use, good things for sure (if the platform is worth it). I do not like MLM business models, so skipped over that portion of the review. I have seen too many people lose money with such programs so will stick with the individual program if I decide to use Crypto Tab…

    One question on your personal experience using Crypto Tab: Have you been able to get your money paid out and if so did you have to create a wallet somewhere or are there other options such as PayPal, etc.?  I know that it used to be quite difficult to actually get paid out but things have improved.

    • Thanks Dave for taking the time to review my post on Cryptotab. 

      Whether approaching Cryptotab from an individual or multi-level perspective, the reality is you still earn Bitcoin every 10 minutes as the blockchain is updated. The multi-level aspect simply allows you to earn a percentage of the mining results that other in you network have accumulated. 

      In regards to payouts from Cryptotab, things have definitely improved.  I have personally not had any issues of withdrawing funds from my account as it accumulates.  As with all cryptocurrency, a wallet or exchange is an absolute necessity as this is the only way to transfer funds.  If you wish to obtain funds in US dollars then my recommendation would be to use an exchange such as Coinbase.  Coinbase allows you to exchange Bitcoin (as well as other cryptocurrencies) directly for US dollars which can then in turn be transferred to your bank account.  

      I hope you found this answer to your satisfaction.  If you have additional questions, please let me know.



  • To be honest, I was actually happy to discover you make use of this Cryptotab too and while reading, I was actually eager to download and get started using it too but then, when I read that it has no real founder, and considering the level of scams around, I decided against getting myself involved in it. Though it surely presents a worthy means of making money but then, the red flags are there and too obvious to be ignored.

    • I certainly understand the concerns you have.  Just as with any investment, risk is always involved.  The risk of losing some or all of your money, the risk of not having a large enough return to prepare for retirement, the risk of not starting soon enough… and the list goes on and on.

      The purpose of the post was to provide both the positive and negative aspects from my perspective, and allow others to make an informed decision.  

      I too was hesitant at first but have since found my personal experience (thus far) to be positive.  Cryptocurrency in general is certainly not for everyone but it is certainly starting to work its way into the mainstream.  

      Thank you for taking time to review this post and providing your feedback.  It is greatly appreciated.  Should you ever have additional questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below and I will respond to you.  Wishing you great success!



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