What Is Affiliate Bootcamp About – The Course To Your Online Success

Are you one of the thousands looking to find a way to supplement your monthly income? If so, then Affiliate Bootcamp is the right place to begin your online journey to earn more money from the comfort of home.

So what is Affiliate Bootcamp?

Let me begin by explaining what it is NOT. It is NOT a scam, a multi-level marketing rip-off, or a get-rich-quick scheme. If you aren’t willing to put in some work, you will fail at this just as sure as the sun rises!

And when I say work, I mean WORK HARD! (That is if you consider sitting in front of your computer and learning how to earn more money hard work.) There are lessons to read, videos to watch, assignments to do, and checklists to follow.

If you are willing to do those things, then keep reading and I will introduce you to the best way I have found to earn extra monthly income.

I will walk you through the following items;

  • What Is Affiliate Bootcamp?
  • What Will You Learn From Affiliate Bootcamp?
  • How Much Does It Cost For The Courses?
  • How Much Will You Earn?
  • Is This Worth It?
  • How To Get Started

What Is Affiliate Bootcamp?

Simply put, it is an online course that teaches you, step by step, how to establish a profitable website which in turns leads to earning extra monthly income.

In detail, Affiliate Bootcamp is an online course taught by industry professionals with 14 years of proven success helping others to earn money online. You will learn about the process of making money online using affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is simply earning commission promoting other companies products and services.

Affiliate Bootcamp is specifically designed to promote Wealthy Affiliate, though you can can promote other companies as well. A more accurate title may be Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp.

My website, Earn More Monthly, is a product of my participation in Affiliate Bootcamp. My website is still in development and in some aspects always will be as I work to provide additional content and updated information. Your website will be the same.

There is also a second course of study titled Online Entrepreneur Certification designed to help you create a website with a specific online niche


What Will You Learn From Affiliate Bootcamp?

There are seven (7) courses within the Affiliate Bootcamp training. Each course contains 10 lessons. Below is a screenshot from Affiliate Bootcamp of what you will receive in your first course of study, followed by a brief description of benefits of each course.


Course 1 – Getting Your Business Rolling

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp - Course 1


Course 2 – Content, Keywords, and Conversions

This course will guide you in writing quality content for your website and blog. You will learn how to write in a manner that will draw in visitors and keep their attention. You will also learn about keywords and the importance they play when writing. Learn this lesson well as you are going to spend much of your time writing.

You will also learn how to enhance your website and also about affiliate links and the important role they play.

Course 3 – Giving Your Site Social Value

This course focuses primarily on social media networks; which ones to utilize and which ones to avoid. You will learn to write content that is socially engaging and that also is socially friendly with Google.

Course 4 – Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get A Brand Through Media

Here you are going to learn about enhancing your website through appearance, media, and design. In other words, if your website looks like garbage no one will want to stick around long enough to see what content is even available.

You will learn about how to create logos, drop images, and create your very own videos. This is a lesson you do not want to miss!

Course 5 – Knowing Your Audiences And Catapulting Your Referrals

This course helps you to better understand your audience and improving your skills in converting visitors to customers when they visit your website.

You will learn to write with intent and learn to convert comments. You will also receive additional training on videos and how they can take your website/business to the next level.

Course 6 – Bing, Yahoo, And The Power of PPC

Google isn’t the only game in town. This training reminds you that Yahoo and Bing have approximately 30% of the market for internet searches. Here you will learn to leverage your these other search engines to increase traffic to your website.

You will also learn about what could be new terms to you; PPC, CTR, and direct link. You will also learn about maximizing your campaigns and how to track your referrals.

Course 7 – How To Scale Successful PPC Campaignsals

This last course will teach you how to scale your PPC campaigns in a way that lead to profitability and your long term success.

How Much Does It Cost For The Courses?


Your first step is to join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE. That’s right, you can join Wealthy Affiliate at absolutely no cost or obligation. Upon joining you are considered to have a Starter Membership. With your Starter Membership you will be able to take the first ten (10) lessons of Affiliate Bootcamp AND the first ten (10) lessons of the Online Entrepreneur Certificate. In addition to this you will be able to create two websites which you will be able to keep and continue growing.


Your Starter Membership is valid for as long as you like. Whenever you decide you want more training and the MANY benefits that come with an upgraded membership, you can sign up for Premium Membership. The fee is $49 per month OR $359 per year, which is a $229 savings!

Here are SOME of the advantages of a Premium Membership;

  • Weekly LIVE interactive classes
  • 300 hours of the interactive classes on video
  • 100 additional online lessons from Affiliate Bootcamp and Entrepreneur Certificate
  • Up to 50 websites you can own and create
  • 3000+ beautiful website designs
  • 51,973 website feature “add-ons”
  • Free website encryption
  • 24/7 website monitoring and support
  • Virus and malware protection of your website
  • Over 1,000,000 graphics to choose from
  • Plagarism checker (so you aren’t duplicating web content)

How Much Will You Earn?

When an individual joins Wealthy Affiliate from your efforts, you will receive a recurring monthly or yearly commission depending upon which payment option is chosen.

As a Premium Member you will receive $23.50 each month for a monthly membership and $175 each year for a yearly membership (as long as the membership is renewed).

As a Starter Member you will receive half the amount of a Premium member.

Wealthy Affiliate - ReferralNot everyone stays with Wealthy Affiliate. Some lose interest quickly while others are in it for the long haul. Not to worry though. If someone joins, drops out, and then returns again, they are your referral for life. This happens to many people as they come to realize the powerful program Wealth Affiliate has built and maintains.

And there are multiple other options for earning money.

Is This Worth It?

That is a question only you can answer. In my opinion, this is THE BEST place you can be to earn more monthly income from the comfort of your own home. Does it take time? Yes. Does it take effort? Absolutely.

Are you going to start earning money instantly? Absolutely not! But if you hold on and work the system that is shown you step by step in the courses offered, YOU WILL SUCCEED!

Here is the best testimonial of Wealthy Affiliate I have read. It is from Eric, a Premium Member.

Wealthy Affiliate - TestimonialI would say that about sums it up. Wouldn’t you?

How To Get Started

If you like what you have seen so far, then just wait until you join. (Don’t forget; it is FREE to join). You haven’t seen anything yet! This post doesn’t even begin to do Wealthy Affiliate the justice it deserves.

The American author, Mark Twain, is credited to have said, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

So if you are ready to change your future, click HERE. I will see you on the inside!

But if you want to do a bit more research, check out my full review.


  • This looks like a really great course.  It gets me excited just reading about it.  There looks like so much to learn that it can be overwhelming.  If I need to go back through the course to refresh my knowledge, am I able to repeat it?  It looks like these lessons are the roadmap to success! 

    I think you have done a great job here. I am looking forward to getting started with this program and hope you be there to help me out.


    • I think your opinion is spot on!  Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp is a great place to help others grow by showing them the path to success.  I will certainly be there along your journey to help you, or anyone else who has that desire to help others.  And you certainly can repeat the course at any time.  As a matter of fact, if you are new to online business, I highly reccomend  it.

      If you have further questions before you join, please feel free to ask them here.  But if not, I will see you on the inside!  Welcome aboard!


  • Oh thank you for explaining about Affiliate Bootcamp. A friend told me about this but never really explained in detail what it was about. I would love to start earning money online but know it will take some time.  I am certainly willing to work hard!  The income potential seems good and I’m quite excited to start it right now. How long does it usually take to be able to live full-time from online income? Thank you.

    • Sorry you didn’t receive a full explanation the first time but glad this article helped explain the details.  Earning more money is what Earn More Monthly is about.  Your willingness to work hard will be needed, expecially if you want to earn enough to live off your online income.  

      There are certainly exceptions to the rules but to earn a full-time income could be reached in two or three years.  And that is with dedication and working daily to make your website appealing with good quality content.  The journey will not be easy, but your long term vision will help you through.  

      As you start your journey with Wealthy Affiliate, I will be avaiable to help you with any questions you have.  Wishing you great success!


  • Not only does this course sound amazing, it has so many features by going premium. I love the web hosting and the other features it includes. The training looks awesome and is just what I was looking for; will this site really show me how to build my own website?

    • Wealthy Affiliate is the exact tool you need to start your own website.  It is an easy to understand guided lesson process that takes you step by step from starting your own website to teaching you success strategies for your online business.  

      The Premium Membership is certainly worth it as it offers so much additional training and resources.  I’m glad this was what you were looking for.  I will certainly be there to assist you as you grow into your own online business.  

      Looking forward to seeing you on the inside!


  • This sounds really interesting, I do want to start a side business to boost my budget, and learning about this Affiliate boot camp sounds like the exact thing I need right now.

    I am so impressed by the fact that you are honest about what it takes, ( hard work and effort) makes me believe the program is really legit and will deliver.

    Above all, being free to join does justice to it, I believe it’s a win-win for me, I can always back out without spending a penny if it isn’t what I am looking for.

    Yeah! I think I am ready to do this!


    • So glad you found the information helpful.  You are absolutely correct that this is a perfect side business to start.  The best part is that helping people realize true and realistic opportunities exist for ways to earn money from home.  I look forward to working with you as you strive to achieve your goal of starting a side business.  I will see you on the inside!  Wishing you great success.


  • I have always wanted to make another source of passive income. After doing a lot of research online, many people suggest that there are a lot of opportunities to make money online and it is not as hard as it used to be. I am not going to bore you with all my experiences with all the scams (yep, I fell for gorilla marketing when I should have known better.) I am glad I came across Wealthy Affiliate. Starting out as a free member with two websites is an amazing opportunity.  

    Thanks for the helpful article.  What is needed to actually start?   

    • Welcome aboard Nuttanee!  Glad this article helped you in your decision to join Wealthy Affiliate.  It is a good feeling to help people realize there are legitimate ways to earn money online. 

      Sorry you were a victim of a scam.  Unfortunately I can relate to that!  But now that you are here, you will not be disappointed.  I will be in touch with you as you start on this journey.  

      Best of luck and wishing you great success!



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