How and why Earn More Monthly came about is a unique story. Let me explain. My name is Mike. (That’s me on the right.)  I am 55 years old and have had my share of success, and failures, in the business world.

I founded Earn More Monthly with one purpose in mind; to help others reach the next level along their financial path.  No matter where you are along the path.  Whether you are young and just starting out in the “real world” and have no idea where to begin with you finances, or if you have many years under your belt and have achieved some level of financial security, this website is for you.

In Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing, chapter 11 discusses three financial plans;

  1. The plan to be SECURE
  2. The plan to be COMFORTABLE
  3. The plan to be RICH

I want to simply help people attain each of those plans.

Now some of you may be thinking of the old saying; “I would rather be happy THAN have money.”  But I want you to be willing to challenge that way of thinking and create a new saying; “I would rather be happy AND have money.” By changing one word in that sentence, you change your entire outlook on life.  And you change your bank account.

I am willing to bet you have met both rich and poor people who are happy.  Happiness is defined as “The state of being happy.”  Since that doesn’t help much, let’s look at synonyms of the word happiness: contentment, pleasure, satisfaction, cheerfulness, joy, glee, gladness, delight, well-being.

You gain happiness by living a full and meaningful life.  You can have that being poor, or being wealthy.  And believe me, it is just a bit easier to be happy when you aren’t having to worry about your finances.  But the decision is ultimately up to you.

So if you have chosen to take the next step on your financial path, this website is for you.  It is designed to provide you the resources you need to build the wealth you deserve.  And you DO deserve it.  There is plenty available.

It is not necessarily easy.  It will require sacrifice and hard work.  But the more wealth you have, the less you will work.

You will find mine is not an overnight success story and some may not even call it a success story at all. But it is a REAL story. One you may be able to relate to.

Keep reading. Maybe it will lead YOU to  a brighter tomorrow, plus earning extra monthly income!


I call this YOUR STORY because you can probably substitute your name in place of mine and realize we are more alike than not.

I was raised in a very small farming community with lots of chores to do. But the hard work paid off in my ability to know that I can do hard things. My dad died when I was young and my mom raised me while working two jobs. She was, is, and always will be an angel in my eyes.

I met my wife at college and together we raised four beautiful children and are now enjoying the life of grandparents.

A few setbacks along the way;

  • Made football team captain my senior year and ended up breaking my ankle on the first play of the first game. Dreams crushed!
  • Failed out of most of my classes my first year in college. GPA crushed!
  • Left a good paying job with good benefits and a pension to start my first company.  Failed!
  • Started a second company and ended up losing everything. At the age of 35, my family was financially ruined and had to start over!

But these did not defeat me!

As a matter of fact, failing generally makes you wiser.  At least it did for me.

Obviously the story doesn’t end there and I’m not going to bore you with all the details in between.   The lessons I learned from failing at two business ventures were of such valuable importance to me, though at the time I was completely crushed and did not want to keep going.  My family was and is the purpose behind everything I do and is the reason I picked myself up, brushed myself off, and started fighting my way back up.  I am now a supervisor in an organization that pays me very well and I love working with my team. I also enjoy the tax benefits and income of a home-based business.

However, the day to day politics within the company (my day job) tends to drive me crazy! (Thus one of the reasons I still have a business, because I determine my own destiny.)

Can you relate? Are you tired of the ‘more with less’ mentality at work? Are you tired of others trying to make you look bad just to make themselves look good? Are you tired of someone defining what you are financially worth? Are you ready to improve your situation?

Well, you have come to the right place! Keep reading.



I have always had, and still have an entrepreneurial drive within me.  I am always looking for the next challenge.  I wanted to teach others about ways to make money from home and increase their monthly income…..legitimately! And then I found the platform to launch my idea.

I had three days off work and I spent every waking hour researching, experimenting, learning, and asking questions.  I finally came to realize it was what I was looking for. The platform that allowed me to help others make their retirement possible. The key to extra monthly income.



As I stated earlier, I founded Earn More Monthly with one purpose in mind; to help others reach the next level along their financial path. There are many ways to achieve financial independence.  The website is simple and has two primary objectives;

  1. To provide resources for you to improve your personal finances
  2. To provide resources for you to earn money from the comfort of your home

The combination of these two will help you to attain your secure, comfortable, and rich plans.

I simply show you what I discovered about how to start making money at home or online, so you can invest for your future.  I  share content or reviews of items or platforms that will help you make informed decisions about what could be a potential product of interest to you, and to hopefully avoid ones that could hurt you financially.

The American author, Mark Twain, is credited to have said, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” And that is exactly what I did!

So join me in my journey of helping others.  But don’t be surprised if you decide to start your own journey!


Thanks for visiting.

-Mike Bassett



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